Coleslaws Galore!

I’ve always loved Coleslaws… I had the pleasure of writing an essay about coleslaws for NPR’s Kitchen Window, titled The International Flavors Of All-American Coleslaw.

From the article —

The most appealing thing to me about these crunchy salads is that they are thirst-quenching but also healthful and filling. The burst of juicy flavor in each spoonful is cooling in the summer. Last spoonfuls of coleslaw are always in great demand, because the last spoonfuls have the most liquid.

Coleslaws are versatile, come in all colors and textures and are a perfect accompaniment to summer entrees. They are cool enough to go with a spicy barbecue plate, a burger, hot dog or a sandwich. They are sturdy enough to stand up for themselves with a fancier meal and can be a refreshing lunch wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla or scooped up in bite-sized pita or multigrain chips.

There are 6 Recipes with this story —

2 thoughts on “Coleslaws Galore!

    • Thanks! I did not know they were called coleslaws for several years until I moved to the Western world! They are just called salads and are very light and non-greasy!

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