The All Natural Face Cosmetic Line


A new line of vegan cosmetics and bath and body products from the The All Natural Face Cosmetic Line is available online. Anyone tried it?

The claim,

Our mission is to provide you with the best mineral cosmetics possible. We do not use any artificial ingredients. No bismuth, no talc, no carmine, no silk powder, no d & c lake colors and no parabens! Just pure and simple ingredients from the earth.

Our mission is to provide you with truly pure cosmetics.  We use the purest form available for each ingredient in our products.   We use organic whenever possible…but do not throw around words for sales like a lot of companies do.  The word Vegan is used on tons of products.  All that really means is that it doesn’t contain animal products.  If you are striving for purely vegan products please read the labels carefully.  Just because it is vegan does not mean they can’t put chemicals in there…just not those derived from animal sources.  For all you  vegans out there….did you know that carmine is ground up little red bugs!? They grow on cactus plants and are boiled and dried to create the carmine.  Love that tube of bright red lipstick?  Read the label.  If it contains carmine….that is what you are ingesting. OR…it could be red # whatever…synthetic lake dyes….remember the red M & M scare:)  To bring that a little more into the light….the average woman ingests 6-10 lbs of lipstick over their lifetime.  Yummy, huh?  Wouldn’t you rather know that the lip products you are using are not going to be gross and harmful to your body?  Ingesting products made by The All Natural Face won’t hurt you!  Not that I suggest eating them, but you could!  They are made from the purest ingredients possible.

The website is here.

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