How to be a New England vegetarian in winter?

Grubhub, an online ordering service revealed it’s list of the top 10 vegetarian friendly cities in the US. I was quite surprised that cities like New York and Boston don’t appear on this list.

Most Vegetarian Friendly Cities
1. Seattle
2. San Jose, CA
3. San Diego
4. Houston
5. Dallas
6. Austin
7. San Francisco
8. Los Angeles
9. Denver
10. Chicago

Vegetarians and vegans won’t be surprised. GrubHub, the nation’s number-one food ordering service, recently analyzed the over 15,000 restaurants now in its database to find the cities that offer the highest percentage of vegetarian restaurants. Seattle, Washington topped the list, followed by San Jose, California. Half of the cities on the top 10 list were on the West Coast and three were in California-San Jose, San Diego and San Francisco.

But in a surprising twist, Texas also landed three spots on the top 10 list, with Houston, Dallas and Austin ranked 4, 5, and 6, and all three beat San Francisco at number 7.

There is no doubt that New York City and Boston and other east coast cities are moving up on the vegetarian-friendly scale. I wrote a cover feature for the Nov 4th 2012 Boston Globe Sunday Magazine titled, How to be a New England vegetarian in winter. When you go through the ten restaurant selections and their menus and the numerous vegetarian options available, one cannot help but wonder why anyone should even eat meat?

The photographs below by Russ Mezikofsky for the Boston Globe, say a lot more than words can. To get a list of the restaurants, these signature dishes, and contact information, see the article.

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