Finding Bliss With Heirloom Tomatoes


They are here, Heirloom tomatoes are peeking through some produce sections at grocery stores.

Heirloom tomatoes can be eaten raw like an apple, needs no condiments or dressings. I make a quick 5 minute meal out of it by chopping a colorful variety into a bowl.

I then drizzle a high quality garlic flavored olive oil over it. I also drizzle some reduced Balsamic vinegar glaze over the chopped tomatoes.


The salt comes from the creamy crumpled Feta cheese that goes on top.

This is a perfect marriage made in heaven.

When you crave spice, like I do a lot of the time, Siracha is the answer. A few drops of Siracha, takes it up a notch and you, like me will be in complete and utter bliss.


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