Sweet Interruptions – A Graceful Chocolate Collection!


Photo Credit: CoCo Sala

Coco Sala of Washington DC and food writer Monica Bhide have launched yet another seasonal gourmet chocolate collection, this time for Mother’s Day.

Their last collection for valentines day, was a runaway hit and was sold out in a matter of hours. Hopefully this time they have planned for a larger base, so fewer are dissapointed. Available in sets of 8 or 16 and priced at $20 and $40 respectively, the chocolates go on sale today at this link.

Go get em…


Photo Credit: CoCo Sala

Sweet Interruptions Bon Bon Collection
“CHERRY BLOSSOM” with cherry blossom ganache / candied griottes / milk chocolate
“JASMINE” with jasmine infused dark chocolate / maracaibo cocoa nibs
“CURRY CASHEW” with curry / milk chocolate / toasted cashew
“SESAME JAGGERY” with milk chocolate / toasted white sesame / sugar cane jaggery

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