Hunting For Dosas

I grew up in a traditional South Indian home, and dosa’s would be served every other day, and I mean the most fabulous dosa’s ever!  Did not get the value of it then. Now, I live for it… We make plain dosas, masala dosa’s, quinoa dosa’s, rava dosas, tomato dosa’s, Mysore dosa’s, sweet jaggery dosa’s. The possibilities are endless.


Whenever my kids fuss to eat, I mention the work Dosa and there is no more talking, only eating. I have dosa batter at home all the time and the family just wolfs down these delicate, luscious, crepes, with Mulagai podi (special chili powder made for this purpose) ghee and sugar. On some occasions, when I have the time to indulge, they may have it with a traditional onion sambar and a coconut chutney.

When I saw the BBC story about the movie Dosa Hunt I could only reminisce the various hunts my husband and I went on when we were first married, trying to find the perfect dosa. We were in Belllevue, WA, Vancouver, BC, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, Gainesville, FL, Houston, TX, we were literally all over the place, but never found one that really satisfied us like the ones we make at home.

My husband, who grew up in an uppity residential school would eat his dosas with a fork and a knife (god forbid) and I would eath mine the traditional way with my freshly washed fingers, licking them as I went along. After all, fingers were made before forks, but I digress!!!

Dosa Hunt seems like a very cool flick indeed, one that will leave you hungry for dosas, yet satisfy the desire to find the perfect one! The trailer for Dosa Hunt is here

Watch out for  some simple Dosa recipes coming soon to The Worldly Vegetarian!

2 thoughts on “Hunting For Dosas

  1. There are two restaurants that should be in your hunt for street food. They both are in Floral Park NY 1/2 block apart. They are Mumbai Express and Usha Foods. Both menus are on the internet and each has received rave reviews on And the people who own them are wonderful.

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