Our Vegetarian Ancestors

Eat Vegetarian

Many say that we started out being meat eaters, as cavemen did in the past, that is why we continue to eat meat. Interestingly enough this recent article in the Scientific American says otherwise!  Controversial? Absolutely!!! The article raises the question, if we are getting our ancestral diets wrong, especially paleolithic diets.

“A paper out just this month suggests that even Neanderthals–our north country cousins and mates– may have eaten much more plant material than previously suspected.  Meanwhile, more macho camps of academics paint a picture of our ancestors as big, bad, hunters, who supplemented meaty diets with the occasional berry “chaser.” Others suggest we spent much of our recent past scavenging what the lions left behind, running in to snag a half-rotten wildebeest leg when the fates allowed.  In other words, although “Paleolithic” diets in diet books tend to be very meaty, reasonable minds disagree as to whether ancient, Paleolithic diets actually were.”

As you read this article you will see a new way of thinking, wherein, we humans may not have started out killing animals for food… We ate a lot of plant based meals then. Gets you thinking does it not, if we are more brutal with animals now than we started out being!!!

However, the author of this piece, reflects my feelings.

“As for me, I’ll choose to eat the fruits and nuts like my early ancestors, not because they are the perfect paleodiet but instead because I like these foods and modern studies suggest that consuming them offers benefits. I’ll supplement them with some of the great beans of agriculture, too much coffee, maybe a glass of wine and some chocolate. These supplements are not paleo by any definition, but I like them.” 

All said and done, I go back to my same old mantra, each time I read something about a diet!!!

Eat vegetarian, eliminate processed foods, and
eat freshly prepared organic whole foods.

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