If Cows Could Eat Us!!! Really??!

An article in Time magazine says,

If a cow could eat you, it would. It wouldn’t give a hoot about your feelings. It wouldn’t kill you quickly or humanely and it certainly wouldn’t worry about whether it was right to make a meal of you in the first place. It would ask itself one question: Am I hungry? If the answer was yes, you’d be lunch.

This is based on a study which claims that “The vegetarian’s truth is no more legitimate than the pescetarian’s or the red-in-fang carnivore’s.” That very well may be the case.

However, there is something fundamentally wrong about this study. The very fact that there is an assumption that most vegetarians are unhappy being vegetarians. there are many vegetarians like myself, who are thrilled with who they are. I for one, have regrets that I may note be able to taste and enjoy all the vegetarian delicacies that this world has to offer, before I die, and I believe (hopefully) I have a good 40-50 years of life ahead of me. I believe that there are so many fabulous vegetarian choices out there, that I do not even want to think about getting started on meats and seafood.

Leave alone the cows and goats and horses wanting to eat me, I do not want to even think about making a meal out of them. So I guess I can rest happy knowing that all the animals of the world, will look at me knowing that I am their friend, and will not really want to make a meal out of me!!!

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