Mango Nirvana!

photo 1

Mango Nirvana – Kids/Dessert Style Photo Credit: Visi Tilak

My kids love mangoes… and so do we!

During mango season, there are no issues with getting them to eat fruits. One of their favorite, wholesome dessert/after school snack choices is Mango Nirvana.

I basically start with a scoop of fresh cut mangoes, layer it with full fat organic french vanilla yoghurt, then a layer of mango puree, another layer of yoghurt, and then finally a liberal scoop of fresh cut fruit!

For the mango puree, I make two versions, one for the adults without any added sweetener, for the kids I do two parts puree to one part agave nectar, to add that extra sweet, with a hint of healthy!

Substitute the full fat yoghurt for cottage cheese or low-fat/non-fat yoghurt and it is a perfect meal for adults too.

This is wonderful to make ahead of time, sits very well when made in advance. Also  carries beautifully, if made in a take out container. A perfect way to make this is in a thermos or a covered insulated coffee mug.

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