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Viva This Vegetable Roulade!!!

This one is for those who think that making an elegant vegetarian dish is very hard…. I was at a gala recently, a massive one with Hollywood actors and politicians and michelin starred chefs who had 3 appetizers they were preparing, all of which had meat! The dinner option at all ofthese Galas ends up … Continue reading

Vegetarian Haleem Demonstration

I grew up in the town of Hyderabad, among several Muslim friends. One dish I really missed, especially during Ramzan was Haleem, because of the mutton used in the traditional recipe. We would try many versions of it at home, sans the meat. This particular recipe is one of the better ones. I use extra … Continue reading

Flavors Of Maneet Chauhan’s World

Flavors Of Maneet Chauhan’s World

Maneet Chauhan, a chef who I had the pleasure of interviewing for an article in the Wall Street Journal, is one talented chef and a lovely lady to talk with. She has worked hard to get where she is today, among the elite of the American culinary scene. She needs little introduction, one look at … Continue reading